Art in Holography 2 was supported by a variety of groups and individuals. Their financing and practical help made this event possible on many different levels.


The organising team would like to thank the following for being part of this important event.

The Shearwater Foundation, Florida, USA.
Provision of major financial support, the largest grant to any project in their funding history. Without this substantial funding, Art in Holography could not possibly have happened, on this scale.

The Friends of the Museum of Holography, USA.
Funding of the planning and organisational costs of the symposium.

The Sokoloff Foundation, New York, USA.
Provision of funding for the artists' support scheme, allowing artists to attend the symposium who might not otherwise have been able to cover travel costs.

East Midlands Arts, Loughborough, UK.
Provision of financial assistance for documentation, artists' presentations and distribution of information.

British Airways, UK
Support with flight ticketing for symposium speakers making it possible for speakers from international destinations to travel to the UK:

NTL Midlands, Nottingham, UK.
Provision of Internet connections during the symposium, offering delegates access to the World Wide Web and provision of video projection equipment for all main themed sessions and artists' showcase.

Apple Computers, UK.
Provision of computers for access to the World Wide Web.

The Arts Centre, University of Nottingham, UK.
Hosting the opening sessions of Art in Holography 2.

The University of Nottingham, UK.
Provision of exhibition and lecture space.

Acco UK.
Provision of 'Job Files' for symposium folders.

The City of Nottingham,
Leisure and Community Services, Nottingham, UK.

Support of Awards Dinner musicians.

Cooling Brown, Middlesex, UK
Provision of design, graphics and advice.

HoloCom, Texas, USA.
Provision of World Wide Web computer space and advice.

Monand Press, Nottingham, UK.
Provision of printed documentation about holography for potential sponsors and provision of office space and equipment.

J & L Stationers Gedling, UK.
Provision of reprographic services.

The Display Shop, Nottingham, UK
Provision of exhibition display systems and graphics.




The art-in-holography website
The research, collection, development and production, of this website has been funded by a grant from the Shearwater Foundation, USA.

We would also like to thanks St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, USA, for hosting this website and for their support during its development.


The Postcard Collection.

Documentation of Art in Holography 2 has taken two forms: this web site and a postcard collection. The collection contained a card for each speaker at the symposium, together with background material and embossed hologram which were housed in a specially produced box. The collection was distributed, free of charge, to art, media, museum and gallery professionals world-wide.

The printing of this collection has been supported by Witley Press Limited, Norfolk, UK. Its design, layout and pre-press production has been supported by Cooling Brown, Middlesex, UK. Provision of the cover hologram was made possible by Jonathan Ross, UK.

Special thanks to Monika Frost for her support of secretarial, administration and translating services during preparation and production of the postcard collection.

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