The Shearwater Foundation Holography Awards

Posy Jackson, Director of the Shearwater Foundation Holography Program, presented the 1996 Holography Awards to 4 artists, during the closing awards dinner. Each year the Foundation makes a number of awards to outstanding artists working with holography, and this was the first time that they were presented in public.

The awardees were:

Ana MacArthur, USA.
Shunsuke Mitamura, Japan.
August Muth, USA.
Iku Nakamura, Japan.


The Symposium Lifetime Achievement Awards

Douglas E. Tyler and Andrew Pepper presented these achievement awards to four pioneers. They were a way of publicly acknowledging the exceptional contribution these artists had made to the development of creative holography, the body of work they had developed, and their perseverance over many years.

The awardees were:

Anaït, USA.
Margaret Benyon, UK.
Harriet Casdin-Silver, USA.
Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, Switzerland.




The Symposium Special Award

Presented by the symposium to Posy Jackson for her outstanding dedication to the support of creative holography and the artists who work with it. This special, one-off, award was made up of original works of art from all of the artists who had received Shearwater Foundation Holography Awards over the past ten years, presented in a bound case.

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