Thirty-two leading figures from the world of creative holography, art collecting and art writing/criticism were invited to present their ideas, opinions and work in the 7 Art in Holography2 sessions  

Defining Traditions 1969 - 1996
The opening of the symposium

Anaït, USA.
Margaret Benyon, UK. Living and working with holography
Harriet Casdin-Silver, USA.
Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, Sweden.

Collectors' Forum
Session chair, Matthias Lauk, Germany.

Ramón Benito, Spain.
Matthias Lauk, Germany.
Jonathan Ross,UK. On Collecting Holography.

Warren Seamans, USA.


Critics' Forum
Session chair, Sara Maline, USA.

Edward Lucie-Smith, UK.
Marc Piemontèse, France.
Frank Popper, France. Aspects of Holographic Art.
Jasia Reichardt, UK.


Time Versus Space, Holographic Kinetics
Session chair, Eduardo Kac, USA.

Patrick Boyd, UK.
Eduardo Kac, USA.
Jean-François Moreau, France. The Sequence in Holography.
Dean Randazzo, USA. Work Interests and Ideas.
Dan Schweitzer, USA.


Aesthetic Dimensions
Session chair, Marie Andrée Cossette, Canada.

Alexander, USA.
Marie Andrée Cossette, Canada.
Paula Dawson, Australia.
Pascal Gauchet, France.
Shunsuke Mitamura, Japan.


A Gallery Exodus, Holography in Public spaces
The Co-Chair Special Session
Chair, Douglas Tyler, USA.

Melissa Crenshaw, Canada.
Setsuko Ishii, Japan.
Graham Tunnadine, UK.
Douglas Tyler, USA.
Sally Weber, USA.

Mixed Media Installations,
Holography Across Media Boundaries
Session chair, Doris Vila, USA.

Brigitte Burgmer, Germany. Art Holography without Laser.
François Mazzero, France.
Sam Moree, USA.
Doris Vila, USA.
Steve Weinstock, USA.

The Artists' Showcase
Session chair, Fred Unterseher

These informal, after dinner, sessions provided a 10 minute forum for each artist, not speaking in the more structured daytime topic sections, but who wanted to introduce and present their work to the full symposium.

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