When the symposium closed and the delegates and speakers were back in their respective countries, work began on the 'publication' for Art in Holography 2.

It was clear that a standard 'proceedings' would not reflect the spirit of the meeting. After much research, we settled on the idea of a combined digital and ink publication. We felt that this would best serve the thirst for information, the desire to 'archive' events and, at the same time, provide a fitting way to celebrate the work of the artists, collectors and writers who spoke in Nottingham.

You have already begun to explore the digital element of the 'publication' and this web site will expand as more information becomes available. Here you will find the presented 'papers' and background information, accessible 24 hours a day to anyone, in any country, with access to the World Wide Web.

For the 'ink' part of the publication we invited each of the 32 speakers from Art in Holography 2 to choose an image and give their view of creative holography, as we approach the end of the millennium in which it was invented. The result is a Postcard Collection full of stunning images and very personal comments. The hologram on the inside cover gives one artist's view of the digital, image-based future we might be approaching. The text on each of the 32 postcards explores where holography, and the artists who use it, have been in the past and might go to, with their work, in the future.

It has been distributed around the world - 32,000 postcards in all, each of which leads back to this digital web archive, a platform from which to continue your exploration and a central point of reference.

In the introduction to the Postcard Collection I wrote;

"The artists who spoke at Art in Holography 2 have long been able to use the 'tool' of holography to shape their own, new, realities or comment on the 'traditional', providing us with a different 'window' to look through. Being able to 'see' through these 'windows', without prejudice, is often difficult... but the rewards can be astounding."

All of us involved with the USA and UK symposia hope that some of what we have produced will help you look through these unusual 'windows' and that what you see there might encourage you to look again.

Andrew Pepper
September 1999

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