The hologram"Virtual Dialogues" was originally commissioned from Patrick Boyd by the photographic magazine 10*8 for the cover of a special issue on the subject of Virtual Reality, and conveys a powerful response to the ever increasing prevalence of electronic media in our lives. Made in association with Applied Holographics Plc, UK and Holograms-3D,UK, it was the first artist-designed hologram to employ full-colour stereogram technology. In addition to the embossed copies, a limited edition of electroformed nickel plates was made from the original photo-resist master, each copy etched with the artist's signature and edition number.

..."As with all new phenomena it is Youth who will be most affected. They accept new media as if there was no other way. The traditional communication has gone between children and they now isolate themselves with Walkmans and video games: wired, so to speak.

Children not taking part risk becoming social misfits if they don't watch the right show or play the right game. The new generation will be able to use computers as easily as pencil and paper and will have video cameras, interactive video, digital telephones, video telephones, electronic mail.

"Virtual Dialogues" is about the replacement of real life by electronic media and the frightening ease with which youth adapts to the digital age."

Patrick Boyd.




"Virtual Dialogues"
by Patrick Boyd ©1993
Embossed Hologram
by Applied Holographics Plc
Producer: Jonathan Ross, Holograms-3D. London

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