The image printed on this card is of a slide taken with a photographic
camera. The photographed scene is a Sénoufo sculpture illuminated very
simply and viewed through a large holographic optical element - a lens. This
'window' gives two images of the statue, one rainbow, the other black and
white. According to the position of the elements, we can see both images at
the same time, but it is possible to favour either of them, as in this
particular rainbow view.

These words describe a succession of actions and events which are not the
event - the experience "African Memories". When I wrote this, on November
17th 1998, the sky was embellished by the Leonides 'rain'. To see the
spectacle of these shooting stars is an unrepeatable experience. Reading
about it, or seeing recorded images, is no longer the event.

Holography is a powerful means to master the wave front from the light of
events. For the artist the potential is huge, but we do not know it, not
yet... and this is like these beautiful meteorites.

François Mazzero spoke in Mixed Media Installations, Holography Across Media Boundaries
Franch text

African Memories, 1995
Installation with statue and holographic optical element. African sculpture
from Mali, the Madu Collection, France.
Photo © François Mazzero
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