I use the multiple exposures in shadowgrams to create images that play out to different points of view. As you move around a piece and change viewpoints, not only does the colouring change for you, but you will see some images dissolve into other images. I use the holograms as parts of sculpture in an attempt to treat light as a material. While the holographic elements are constantly changing, the physical elements in the sculpture remain static.

The materials in the sculpture physically define a space for the holographic forms. A the same time, the holographic elements give life to the static, physical, materials by constantly changing their form and colour inside that space.

Recently, I have been using cast glass as the counterpoint to the holographic light. The combination mingles forms you experience only by touch with forms that can only be seen and not touched. Experiencing this, you might feel that one perception is no more real than another.

Steve Weinstock spoke in Mixed Media Installations, Holography Across Media Boundaries

Self-Portrait in 5 Parts,
The Right Hand (detail), 1991

White light transmission hologram
with slumped glass
Photo © Steve Weinstock
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