On the eve of the millennium, it is increasingly apparent that light has become the defining medium of the future. Integral to our way of life in so
many fields, light in its numerous forms and frequencies reveals new potentials and expands our knowledge of the depth and breadth of our
universe. Small wonder that artists have been drawn to light media that are in the process of developing themselves. Light that can be
sculpted dimensionally in space offers another clue to a vast potential that is emerging with our increasing awareness of it.
This installation is a testament to that creative process. "Signature of the Source" uses light in its purest form as colour to explore the transition
between energy, matter and mind. The installation's focused jets of light spiral dynamically, while projecting perpendicularly four feet into the
space above and below the nine foot roundel window. The lines of light emanate from an unseen source. What happens there is the essence
of the creative and transformative process. It is the crucible. What emerges is new, changed and has the energy to propel itself.

Installation commissioned by the Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation of Herdecke, Germany, for the Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum in Hagen, Germany.
Further information at www.hagen.de/KEOM/ARTISTS/Weber.html

Sally Weber spoke in A Gallery Exodus, Holography in Public Spaces

Signature of the Source, 1997
Site-specific installation using white light transmission holograms.
Photo © Sally Weber
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