A rich border culture is growing between holograms and electronic media. Linking holography to computers and video opens the way for responsive spaces. This way viewers' movements can trigger dramatic changes in holographic images, projections and sound. A space becomes a living film, and observers become actors.

In the work on this card, a hologram of flames stands in a store window on a pedestrian shopping street in Cologne, Germany. A video camera trained on the sidewalk outside captures pedestrians' feet as they pass, projecting them onto the hologram inside, so that the pedestrians appear to be walking through fire. The pedestrians are lifted from a daily, commonplace context, into another, where they appear to pass safely through trials by fire and physical danger.

The work contains an open invitation to the viewer, a framework of possibilities that the viewer completes. The experience has a stimulus to transcend the personal and solitary, to engage in a social arena.

By cross-pollinating new media, idea, emotion and technology converge in weightless story-spaces where we can walk through the walls between the mind and the senses.

Doris Vila spoke in Mixed Media Installations, Holography Across Media Boundaries

Device for lifting of gravity & other serious situations, 1992
White light transmission hologram with live video of feet
Photo © Doris Vila
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