In 1993 the MIT Museum was able to purchase the entire collection of the
Museum of Holography, New York, at auction. This allowed the historic
collection to remain intact and become part of an already growing
repository at MIT. Over the following months an initial catalogue was
prepared of both the archive and collection to prepare for the opening of
the first exhibition, "Holography", in 1994.

Since then several exhibitions have been mounted at the MIT Museum, most
recently "Unfolding Light : The Evolution of Ten Holographers", which is
travelling to seven other institutions around the US. These exhibitions
illustrate the breadth of its collection and, through their curation and
inclusion of loaned work from artists, have given visitors to the Museum
and elsewhere a chance to compare and contrast current work with
historical artifacts. There is also an extensive education program,
including a working holography lab, for school children, their teachers
and community groups. The Museum has an active collecting policy and
remains dedicated to expanding its collection to reflect both important
historical, technical and artistic pieces as well as works by artists and
inventors breaking new ground in the field.

Jane Pickering, Director, MIT Museum
Stephen A. Benton, Director CAVS & Museum Board member

Warren Seamans, founding director of the MIT Museum who retired in 1996,
spoke in the Collectors' Forum.

Event Horizon, by Rudie Berkhout, part of Unfolding Light, The Evolution of Ten Holographers,
MIT Museum, Boston, USA.
A travelling exhibition organised by the MIT Museum, first shown
Sept 20, 1997 - Feb 22, 1998
Photo © MIT Museum.
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