As a collectible form of fine art, holography is undoubtedly less widely appreciated than it might be.

To art establishment dealers and auction houses, it is still something of an unknown quantity. It features in the permanent collections of very few national museums. As a collector, this especially appeals to me, as I have no doubt that in time holography will come to be valued in the same way that photography has, and it is satisfying to feel that one has recognised something special before it has been taken up by the mainstream.

For the moment, it is important to support that small international coterie of artists who are using holography to produce good, original work by buying it, exhibiting it and generally sharing the experience. For me the greatest pleasure is to be had from showing my collection to someone unfamiliar with anything other than commercial holography and having my belief in the power of the medium confirmed by their surprised and delighted response.

Jonathan Ross spoke in the Collectors' Forum

Opening exhibition at Gallery 286, London, 1998. Jonathan Ross's private gallery. Viewing by appointment.
Tel: + 44 (0) 171 370 2239
Photo © Patrick Boyd
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