Art in Holography 2      

Frank Popper



Holographic art has intrigued me from three different points of view. In
the first place, it seemed to me a form of optical illusion that allowed
a new development of the aesthetics of absence. Secondly, holographic
art seemed to constitute a specific phase in the history of Light Art,
and thirdly, it appears that holographic art makes a distinct
contribution to the interactivity between the artwork and the spectator
in the context of contemporary high-tech art.

The present prospects in these three areas seem to me very bright, but
creative holography will certainly also play its part in still
underdeveloped sectors, such as Virtual Art which now extends beyond the
limited area of Computer Art and, with its humanised techniques, its
philosophical attitude between the real and the virtual and its
multisensorial outlook, represents a new departure.

Frank Popper spoke in the Critics' Forum
French text

To Absent Friends, 1989,
by Paula Dawson

Installation with 3 large scale and 30 'bar top' holograms
Photo © Peter McLean
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