The function of Art is not restricted merely to the production of works
of art, but it also operates as a way of training perception and
judgment in the face of the social and technical developments arising
from technology. The artists are the only ones to perceive these changes
brought about by the emergence of a new technology. They harness the
effects well before they are felt in our culture. So the innovation and
development of perspective in the Quattrocento were the work of artists.

They created a figurative space, which was the prelude to the great
geographical, astronomic and scientific discoveries. Today our culture
is totally permeated by the principle of perspective, even more so than
in the 15th Century, when it first appeared. Photography, film and now
computer-generated pictures, have provided more proof to support the
intuitive reasoning of Alberti: the concept of man as the model and
centre of everything. Holography breaks away from the principle of
perspective. Holography presents a new attitude to man in relation to
the world: nature is no longer seen in terms of man, but man in terms
of nature.

Marc Piemontèse spoke in the Critics' Forum

Objet Insolite
by Pascal Gauchet, 1996
Reflection hologram
Photo © Pascal Gauchet
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