I look at holography as a dance of balance - a Rosetta Stone - between Art and Science. The Primitive and the Sophisticated. The Past and the Future. A balancing beam of Light and Dark.

Working with diverse material - metal, stone, neon, plastic, paint and glass, the sculpture echoes in a holographic window. With my work I use stark, almost symbolic sculpture as a diving board to tumble into a holographic graffiti landscape.

At times the hologram is an arm of an image in search of its sculptural body, or the sculpture is a directing arrow to illusionary imagery. Other times they come together dancing on that balancing beam.

The image time-travels across the laser table. A black and white interference pattern is captured in a scientific chiaroscuro on the plate. This encoded "stone" translates reality into a dream illusion.

My imagery works in and out of focus, becoming a peripheral, optical soup.

To capture the image, one must dance a near-tribal two-step which can be read as a mathematical equation forming different answers each time it is observed.

Holography is my dance partner - with balance.

Sam Moree spoke in Mixed Media Installations, Holography Across Media Boundaries

Phoenix 46, 1996
White light transmission holograms and metal sculpture. Produced at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.
Photo © Sam Moree
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