The image is a non-physical and unsubstantial phenomenon. Holography is a
technology which makes the un-palpable image possible to visualise.
With this media technology, I tried to visualise transient Japanese
images. Since cherry flowers bloom very briefly, and then scatter, they
have become a symbol of the ephemeral beauty at the heart of the
aesthetic sense.

Falling Cherry Blossoms was produced from several pulse-laser master plates of falling petals, then double-exposed for the finished rainbow hologram. The resulting projected virtual image floats in front of the eyes.

Using master plates, as an ideal optical lens, I hope to develop new
spatial, spiritual and aesthetic images which have never been witnessed, either
around us or in this transient world.

Further information

Shunsuke Mitamura spoke in Aesthetic Dimensions
Japanese text

Falling Cherry Blossoms, 1993
White light transmission hologram
Photo © Shunsuke Mitamura
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