My holography work investigates the nature of language and its relationship to visuality, issues that are of interest both to literature and the visual arts, particularly as explored by experimental poetry and conceptual art. I create what I call holographic poems, or holopoems, which are essentially digital holograms that address language both as material and subject matter.

I create visual texts which can only signify upon the active perceptual and cognitive engagement on the part of the reader or viewer. This ultimately means that each reader "writes" his or her own texts as he or she looks at the piece. My holopoems don't rest quietly on the surface. When the viewer starts to look for words and their links, the texts will transform themselves, move in three-dimensional space, change in colour and meaning, coalesce and disappear. This viewer-activated choreography is as much a part of the signifying process as the transforming verbal and visual elements themselves.

Eduardo Kac spoke in Time Versus Space, Holographic Kinetics

Maybe then, if only as, 1993
White light transmission hologram, Holopoem
Photo © Eduardo Kac
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