In the medium of holography, light, a material that essentially cannot be bent, shaped or even held, can be freely moulded like clay and pure colour can be 'spun out' and 'woven' like yarn.

My theme is to produce an environment which will embrace the viewers by using the three-dimensional space itself, as a canvas, and the colour of light as paint. For Requiem, my 'canvas' is an underground rock cavern. A specially unique and attractive space for this installation.

The contact between rock and light amplifies the distinctive characteristics of these elements; material and immaterial, monochrome and brilliant/colourful, heavy/strong and light etc......

It is my hope that the experience of this environment can bring forth new ideas and a new sensory experience for the viewer.

Setsuko Ishii spoke in A Gallery Exodus, Holography in Public Spaces

Requiem, 1993
Installation with white light
transmission holograms
Photo © Masahiro Takano
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