The Shrine of the Sacred Heart is a pair of laser transmission holograms
housed inside a permanent enclosure at the northern transept of St Brigid's
Catholic Church, Sydney, Australia. St Brigid's parish is administered by
the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The holograms emulate the light
sources which accompany the Sacred Heart in the seventeenth century visions
of Saint Margaret Mary. These light sources are made manifest in the first
hologram by translating and rotating sections of St Brigid's Church as
concrete holographic subjects, and in the second hologram by image planing
an interferogram of a heat plume.

Generally my art works provide an experience which reconciles the personal
emotional realities of the individual and the torrent of technological
information networks in which the individual exists. The nexus of the
personal and the wider network is located for the viewer by means of the
temporal illusions of virtual images. In the case of the Shrine of the
Sacred Heart holograms the temporal illusions of past and 'presence'
simultaneously affront the viewer through the dual effects of
representation and simulation.

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Paula Dawson spoke in Aesthetic Dimensions

Shrine of the Sacred Heart,1997
Laser transmission holograms
Photo © Paula Dawson
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