Holographic Art has existed outside the art world mainstream during its brief 30 year history. It has been repeatedly dismissed as an optical curiosity or a trick medium. This attitude has kept many people from realising its potential for expressing visual ideas that would be impossible to convey within any other medium. As well, the making of holograms is a demanding practice that takes years to master. Yet, despite what has often seemed like tremendous odds against longevity, this medium will endure.

Several international artists who have touched light will assure the continuation of holography as an art form that pushes the boundaries of expression. In 1999, I will be entering my twentieth year of utilising holography as my primary visual form. I believe I am beginning to scratch the surface of its potential.

Melissa Crenshaw spoke in A Gallery Exodus, Holography in Public Spaces

Blue Headdress, 1998
White light, achromatic,
transmission hologram
Photo © Melissa Crenshaw
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