As an artist, I want to express the basically dramatic aspects of life: real life where love, work and death come together. This concern stems from my own experience, that of the persons close to me and also that of others I have learned about.

It expresses itself through forms and structures called luminescent atoms. It expresses itself through colours called blue, gold and magenta. It expresses itself through light and is known as holography.

In my work, little by little, the definite shapes of objects become gradually hazier, thus providing greater possibilities for evocation. I view the hologram as an unlimited space that opens onto the infinity of human knowledge, be this of our physical surroundings or of our mental universe.

Marie Andrée Cossette, the Director of The Holography and Media Institute of Québec, is a holographic and photographic artist of international stature. She has exhibited her work widely in Canada, the United States, Japan, and throughout Europe. Mme Cossette is associate Professor of Visual Art at Laval University, Québec, Canada.

Marie Andrée Cossette spoke in Aesthetic Dimensions

Le seigneur des anneaux, 1988
White light transmission hologram
Photo © Marie Andrée Cossette
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