"CCAA" has been created for "Praise of the Shadow" in the cavity of a bridge in the heart of Cologne. In a synthesis of the arts, seven artists explored the architectonic peculiarities of this unique space under the bridge carriageway.

After a long walk through the darkness of the bridge and the light produced by images and objects, visitors discovered a bright and colourful gateway, about 120 metres away. The hologram "CCAA" completely covered the opening of this exit. A cross of blue and red accentuated the actual situation: having crossed the Rhine, people were facing, in the hologram, the former Roman fort and a formation of shoes, just transcending the river, from the Franken people. Colour fields in the lower part refer to historical sites, like the Roman Forum or the first Christian Church. Coming closer, one recognises Agrippina, who founded the city in 50 AD, Constantin, who built the first bridge 265 years later, and many objects of daily life, religion and war - reminders of the Roman, Christian and Barbarian past of Cologne.

Brigitte Burgmer spoke in Mixed Media Installations - Holography Across Media Boundaries

CCAA, 1998
White light transmission holographic optical elements
Photo © Brigitte Burgmer
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