Information about Karas belongs to the past and, in case you are interested (there are times when this takes me by surprise), you will have to make the effort of consultation, starting with our publications. Try reading them more than once, or in different situations, but do not let them influence you. They demand too much attention. Karas is an act whose only objective is quality, aesthetics and the perfection of the act itself. It is a repeated act. I realise that the idea is not new. Others attempted it beforehand, but...

Today, on the outside, the often mentioned "prevailing social situation" allows the Karas project to align itself with "uniqueness", something that occurs frequently because of the world's immensity. I also know that the choice of going back to the essential, to quality, is very accessible; but you will have noticed that this choice is never widely adopted. However, Karas has a "commonplace originality" which I will outline for you: it is not interested in goals or objectives. By focussing all its efforts on the present, Karas becomes a goal in itself. Karas is a project. Karas is about "being a project". The Karas project exists to the extent that it is being made.

Ramón Benito spoke in Collectors' Forum

Ramón Benito, Bazar 'K'
Photographic collage
Photo © Ramón Benito
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