1. If you look at the image below from about 4 to 6 inches away, as you would a random dot stereogram, you will see the whole image in 3-D.

2. This work is part of a series called "Dance of the Souls", which started in 1991
with oil paintings and acrylics, and went on to include holographic paintings
(like this work) and computer works. The series is still continuing. See Web site: http://www.art-alexander.com/

3. What interests me is to go beyond the limits of the real world to create forms
for those things that lie on the edge of consciousness; things that range from
intuitive feelings to ideas that have given rise to religious and spiritual beliefs
in both rimitive tribes and sophisticated cultures.

Alexander spoke in Aesthetic Dimensions

Dance of the Souls, 1994
Acrylic painting and
white light transmission hologram
Photo © Alexander
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