The Congress on Art in Holography was an experimental forum as stated in the outset of this report. As such it undertook to provide funding to assist the invited representatives to the Congress by covering some expenses for travel, rooms, etc. In additon it provided honoraria, food and lodging and travel costs to the invited speakers. There were no conference fees or registration charges. At the conclusion of the Congress it was the opinion of the representatives that a public accounting of the sources of funds and their eventual use should be included in this report so that the ultimate use of the funds would be a matter of public record.

The following information is general in character but hopefully will be sufficient for those interested representatives and the public alike. It is important to note that these figures do not reflect the contributions of the Danish Arts Council or the Japan Foundation since their contributions were made directly to representatives of the Congress for the purpose of supporting travel.

At the time of printing, the final budget figures were not complete since actual printing charges, postage and other costs for this Report were yet to be determined.


BUDGET ( actual revenue)
Shearwater Foundation  $ 25,000.00
Saint Mary's College (cash contributions from
Art Dept. [phone], Gallery and Administration
 $ 2,883.25
Conference meal fees  $3,380.00
Additional sponsorship (state arts grant)
Canada Council, Goethe Institute)
 $ 5,147.45
Community support (cash contributions)  $ 1,045.00
TOTAL $ 37,455.70
BUDGET (actual expenses)  
Air travel / ground transportation charges  $ 18,699.74
Board  $ 2,663.59
Honoraria and assistants  $ 3,015.00
Desk personnel  $ 1,242.23
Secretarial/office (Phone)  $ 975.17
Shipping for exhibition  $ 2,268.80
Printing/postage (estimated)  $ 6,717.40
Social events (beverages, snacks)  $ 105.00
Misc.  $ 1,768.77
TOTAL  $ 38,381.30



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