JULY 18-22, 1990




 With major support from:

The Shearwater Foundation


With additional support from:

The Canada Council
Danish Arts Council
The Goethe Society, Chicago

The Japan Foundation
Saint Mary's College


© 1991 The Board of Regent's
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, Indiana

No portion of this publication may be reproduced through any medium without the written permission of The Board of Regents, Saint Mary's College.


Special thanks to Richard Bruck for his invaluable support and the photographs in this report. In addition our appreciation is extended to William Waymouth of the Media Center, Saint Mary's College for his efforts in documenting the Congress and to Edward Wesly for his assistance in the installation of the Congress Exhibition.




For archival reasons all the sessions of this experimentasl meeting of the International Congress on Art and Holography were recorded on audiotape and videotape. Copies of these materials will be preserved in the Saint Mary's College Archives, Cushwa-Leighton Library, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 for future reference and access by interested parties.


Those individuals who may be interested in procuring copies of these documents as well as written transcripts of the artists' individual presentations or John Hanhardt's lecture may contact:


Professor Douglas E. Tyler, Chair
International Congress on Art and Holography
Department of Art
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
United States

Upon request we will send you a sheet listin materials available and appropriate formats in which these are available as well as current costs for the copying and reproduction of these materials.


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