Congress Exhibition
May 12 - July 22, 1990




In conjunction with the congress proper the Planning Committee saw the need for the inclusion of a small-scale exhibition to accompany the gathering of representatives. This exhibition was meant to complement the congress as well as to afford the public an opportunity to enjoy the current creative work of various artist/holographers from throughout the world. Because of the dynamic capabilities of the holographic medium it is often difficult for artists to share ideas on their latest work except with those in a close geographical proximity. Unlike more traditional media such as painting and drawing which can often be reproduced (with modest accuracy) using photographic tools, the holographic image is difficult to duplicate economically. The exhibition was necessary since it afforded representatives to the congress an opportunity to share their work directly with their colleagues and to demonstrate and discuss the unique features of their work with arts professionals from outside the field as well, including those speakers participating in the event.

For this Congress each artist was requested to submit one small scale holographic artwork for presentation in this exhibition. A guideline of 30 X 40 cm (the size of a mid-size holographic plate) was suggested to each of the representatives. Because of the limited time available however and the space limitations of the gallery being used it was not possible for all the representatives to submit work for this exhibition. Some artists working in holography today are exploring the medium on a scale which is comparable to installations and other larger works in more traditional media. The result is that the following exhibition list does not include artwork from every representative to the congress. (In order to compensate for this situation and to add an additional dimension of shared information to the congress each representative present submitted a slide of a current work. The compiled set of slides was then duplicated and a copy provided to each representative in the hope that this would permit a further dissemination of information regarding recent developments in the aesthetic development of holography worldwide.)

Despite some smaller difficulties, the exhibition was extremely successful in that it was well received by the public in the surrounding community, garnering a good deal of attention from the local media. In addition to this, the exhibition served as a focal point for discussion and debate among the representatives and permitted the quest speakers an opportunity to interact more directly with the issues and ideas present in these artist's work today.

A special thank you is extended here to Ed Wesly of Chicago who contributed a considerable amount of time and energy assisting in the layout and installation of this exhibition.


Claudette Abrams

TITLE: From the "Petrified" Series
MEDIUM: Multi-color Reflection Hologram
SIZE: 32 X 43 cm
DATE: 1989


Margaret Benyon

TITLE: "Split Benedict"
MEDIUM: Hologram Collage
SIZE: 30 X 40 cm
DATE: 1987-89

Rudie Berkhout

TITLE: "Land in a Tree"
MEDIUM: White-light Transmission Hologram
SIZE: 12" X 16"
DATE: 1990


Phillipe Boissonet

TITLE: "Tranche d'espace-temps"
MEDIUM: Reflection Hologram and mixed media
SIZE: 8.5" X 10.5" X 8"
DATE: 1989


Brigitte Burgmer

TITLE: "Transformator" (Floor Piece)
MEDIUM: Reflection Hologram, Neon, Short Wave Tone, Wood, Graphite (Two Parts)
SIZE: 87 X 32.5 cm
DATE: 1988


Harriet Casdin-Silver

TITLE: "UTIUG i TKAN I" (Detail of Environmental Installation "UTIUG")
MEDIUM: Reflection Hologram (Environment: holograms, sound, other materials.)
SIZE: 30 X 40 cm; Image projection, 23 cm; Environment 6m X 6m
DATE: 1989

Susan Cowles

TITLE: "Hermetic Silence"
MEDIUM: Hologram, paper, ink drawing
SIZE: 16" X 20"
DATE: 1988

Marie Andree Cossette

TITLE: "Le Seigneur des Anneaux" ( Lord of the Rings)
MEDIUM: White-light Transmission Hologram
SIZE: 30 X 40 cm
DATE: 1988


Melissa Crenshaw

TITLE: "Untitled": from the series "Is This what you want?"
MEDIUM: Pulsed Reflection Hologram
SIZE: 12" X 16"
DATE: 1989 (With Sydney Dinsmore)


Paula Dawson

TITLE: "To Absent Friends"
MEDIUM: Pulsed Reflection Hologram
SIZE: 150 X 95 cm
DATE: 1989"

Rebecca Deem

TITLE: "Flipped Out"
MEDIUM: 8 X 10 Reflection Hologram, 12 X 16 Frame, Lavender mat, 2 polaroids and 1 photo copy
SIZE: 8" X 10" Hologram / 12" X 16" Frame
DATE: 1987


Sydney Dinsmore

TITLE: "Untitled": from the series "Is This what you want?"
MEDIUM: Pulsed Reflection Hologram
SIZE: 12" X 16"
DATE: 1989 (With Melissa Crenshaw)

George Dyens

TITLE: "Hommage Aux Forces Vitales Du Quebec" (detail)
MEDIUM: Multi-media Installation
SIZE: 15' X 150' X 75'
DATE: 1987


Julio Ruiz Garcia

TITLE: "Nuz"
MEDIUM: White-light Transmission Hologram Ink
SIZE: 31 X 40 cm
DATE: 1990



Mary Harman

TITLE: "Spirits of the House"
MEDIUM: Reflection Hologram, Ceramic
and metal objects in wood bax
SIZE: 9" X 11" 5"
DATE: 1990

Kazuo Hatano

MEDIUM: Reflection Hologram
SIZE: 50 X 75 X 90 cm
DATE: 1990

Setsuko Ishii

TITLE: "Leaves, still alive"
MEDIUM: Multi-color White-light Transmission
SIZE: 50 X 60 cm (60 X 70 cm w/frame)
DATE: 1989

Frithioff Johansen

TITLE: "Smoke Chamber"
MEDIUM: Reflection hologram
and plexiglas box
SIZE: 30 X 40 X 14 cm
DATE: 1986


TITLE: "Illumination"
MEDIUM: White-light Transmission Hologram
SIZE: 31 X 41 cm
DATE: 1986

John Kaufman

TITLE: "Baby"
MEDIUM: Multi-color Reflection Hologram on Film
with Citric Acid Post-Printing
SIZE: 50 X 60 cm
DATE: 1990

Paul Newman

TITLE: Light Form XV. "DJINN"
MEDIUM: Transmission Hologram
SIZE: 50 X 60 cm
DATE: 1989

Anna Maria Nicholson

TITLE: "Self-portrait"
MEDIUM: Pulsed Reflection Hologram
SIZE: 30 X 40 cm
DATE: 1989

Andrew Pepper

TITLE: "Square Eclipse"
MEDIUM: Reflection Hologram
SIZE: 8" X 10"
DATE: 1989

Dan Schweitzer

TITLE: "Paradox"
MEDIUM: White-light Transmission Hologram
SIZE: 9" X 12"
DATE: 1989

Douglas E. Tyler

TITLE: "Transponder" (Installation view - Atrium)
MEDIUM: Color Prints
SIZE: 32" X 138"
DATE: 1983

Fred Untersehrer

TITLE: "On Moving / Moving On"
MEDIUM: Aluminum structure, glass, rainbow
holograms on film. Photo copies on
SIZE: 6' 4.5" X 3' 5.5" X 33.25"
DATE: 1988

Doris Vila

TITLE: From the series"Holograms for someone invisible"
MEDIUM: Multi-color Reflection Hologram.
SIZE: 8" X 10"
DATE: 1989

Wenyon and Gamble

TITLE: Untitled from "Dust in the Eyes" Series
MEDIUM: Installation of Holograms and Light
SIZE: Four Holograms each 42 X 1604 mm
DATE: 1989

Ed Wesly

TITLE: Orgasmatron
MEDIUM: Diffraction Gratings and electrical power
SIZE: 12" X 12" X 18"
DATE: 1990





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